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Nikkie grew up in the Netherlands and was fascinated by the Dutch and international fashion industry from an early age. She started her career young as an actress, starred in several films/series and presented daily shows for MTV Networks and RTL.

With her love for fashion, Nikkie Plessen presented the international TV programme ''Project Runway'', where the dream of her own fashion label was sparked. In 2012, she decided to make her dream come true by designing a small collection based on her personal style. Nikkie carefully curates the collections focusing on easily combining items for day and night. Plessen shares her love and passion for fashion as a fashion expert on the popular TV show RTL Boulevard.


NIK&NIK is the fashion label for kids! The children's line is styled in Amsterdam and has a complete boys' and girls' line including shoes and accessories. Children are cocky, curious and have a distinct taste at a young age. With the NIK&NIK collection, kids can make endless combinations to create different looks. Classics and basics, combined with cool statements and an edgy touch. Jeans with a cool jumper for school or a neat blazer for festive occasions. A collection with a twist!


N BRANDS is the parent company of fashion entrepreneur Nikkie Plessen, which includes the successful brands NIKKIE, NIK&NIK, FIFTH HOUSE, Selected by KATE MOSS, N BEAUTY and N HOME.

In 2012, Plessen launched her first own fashion brand called NIKKIE, which has since grown into a major player in the international market. This success was followed by the equally popular children's brand NIK&NIK for boys and girls, Kate Moss' own clothing line; "Selected by Kate Moss", the cosmetics line N BEAUTY and the Modern Classic women's label FIFTH HOUSE. In 2022, Plessen further expanded her fashion empire with the lifestyle label N HOME.

Plessen brought all the brands together under N BRANDS. The shops of the same name, with ± 400m2 of retail space, act as fashion houses where all brands are sold under one roof. All brands are also available through the webshop NBRANDS.com.

"A fashion house with all our own brands is of course insane. Now children, young girls, mothers and men alike can come to us for the latest fashion and beauty trends. We have carefully chosen beautiful properties in the most beautiful and vibrant cities."

- Nikkie Plessen.


In 2019, the NIK&NIK ONE COLLECTION was launched. This collection is designed for the cool kids, whether you are a boy or girl, these items are for everyone because together we are ONE. The NIK&NIK collection consists of cool T-shirts, loose jumpers and beautiful accessories. Wear the same garments, have the same style. BE A TEAM.


Each year, N BRANDS organises major fashion shows and events where the latest collections are presented. From a NIK&NIK fashion show at Disneyland Paris to a VIP event at the winter Efteling amusement park. In November 2022, N BRANDS organised a roller show & afterparty in the largest indoor roller disco in the Netherlands. Nothing is too crazy!